My wife and I had been wanting to make a major change to our home and we were a little nervous taking on such a big project by ourselves. We wanted someone dependable and trustworthy after all the horror stories we had heard. We had received many bids and although Brad's wasn't the cheapest we felt comfortable with him and he as very professional and took his work seriously. We ended up tearing our house down and starting from scratch. We never thought we could do this. Our house came out nicer that we had ever expected and all his crew and sub-contractors were very helpful, professional and responsible. Brad gave us advice on tile, granite, hardwood floors, doors, paint colors, you name it and more. He also took the time to go with us over and over again to the different stores to make sure everything was as we wanted it. We are very happy with our beautiful home and we get compliments all the time from our neighbors. We are very glad we made the right choice for our home. We have definitely recommended Brad to all our family and friends and we know we can count on him with any future projects that might come up. He is a nice guy and has a great personality and we would recommend him highly!


Paul and Patty Paiz

Rancho Park, CA


From the moment we met Brad we felt at ease. He was professional, yet very sincere. He has always been honest and dependable, never failing to return our calls promptly, answering any questions we presented to him and some were pretty crazy. All of the sub contractors that he used were equally professional. They did not promise the impossible, so our expectations were never set too high. They all made our project fun. We were able to move into our brand new home in six months. We recommend him and his staff highly. He did not only work for us, but has become a very close friend.


John and Rosemary Mahoney

Westchester, CA



Brad Gardner is the contractor you should hire because he cares about his homeowners. I hired him to add an addition onto our house and at every step of the way he kept me in the loop and made sure my job ran smoothly. You hear horror stories all the time about flakey contractors who stop showing up to your job or hire sub-par-sub-contractors. Brad was there everyday and he hired people who showed up everyday and did outstanding work for me. I couldn't be happier. Building onto your house is stressful enough. Just hire Brad and have one less thing to worry about.


Brian and Laura Koester

Westchester, CA




After doing minor repairs and upgrades for many years and still not having the house we wanted, We elected to tear down our house and build exactly what we wanted. The plans were designed and them came the task of selecting a Construction Company. We interviewed three companies - all with numerous success stories and photos. They all seemed competent and had a list of referrals. However, one stood up as giving us the sense that we were not just another customer, and that was Brad Gardner from Brad Gardner Construction. Brad showed a sincere interest in helping us with this major endeavor as opposed to just putting up the building to specs. Our instincts proved correct as Brad made many suggestions that were all right on target. My wife and I Struggled with decisions on tile, granite, custom molding, cabinetry, mantles, pool designs, etc. We looked to Brad to guide us in the right direction, I can Honestly say that we do not regret moving forward with any of the recommendations that he made, many of which we never would have thought of. He took pride in every step of the way and his patience was endless and he found himself providing expert decisions, recommendations and an occasional refereeing!! In the end, we could not be happier as to the quality of the workmanship that his subcontractors provided. They were friendly, patient and professional at all times. We have been in our new home for 4 Years now and although Brad told us to call him any time regarding problems we have yet to make a call.



Jim and Barbara Hebda

Playa Del Rey, CA


Having known Brad Gardner for over 35 Years....I was very happy when he decided to start...Brad Gardner Construction...Brad's first job he did for me as remodeling of an old house that I bought for an investment up in Stone Canyon...Brad was working full time for Paramount Studios, Building sets and special effects, and also for me, after work and on weekends... he turned our old house into a Doll house! He was very creative and what a Craftsman! Then I asked Brad...if he would help me design a Dress Shop in Beverly Hills...soIi could sell my garments that I was manufacturing...it turn out to be a very big success and I bought a house in Bel Air to fix and sell...Brad put together some of the best carpenters and sub contractors that I have ever seen and worked with! As the project commenced I noticed the high degree of professionalism that Brad put together on his team... The Workmanship was excellent! I believe that his superb communication with the client is one of Brad's Great Strength's. That was the beginning of Brad Gardner Construction in 1975...To this day...Brad is still doing projects for my wife and I...We enjoyed working with Brad and would be very Proud to recommend Brad Gardner Construction with out reservation!


Paul and Jennifer Cole

Century City, California


Dear Brad;


Thank you for the great job you did. We are very happy with the work and the "NEW" appearance of our house. Our New Addition blends in so nice with the rest of the house. You and your crew did a great job and we have no problem recommending you to our friends and neighbors.


Betsy and Pat Acuna

Westchester, CA


Among all the contractors we met with, we went with Brad. He wasn't the cheapest but he seemed the most knowledgeable, (and of course his great personality didn't hurt). He provided us with a step by step timeline of what we could expect....He is a very personable guy and we just knew from the Get-Go we could trust him whole-heartedly! We will definitely contact Brad in the future when we need or my friends and family need work done on their homes.

Andre and Cherry Bell

Westchester, CA 

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