After doing minor repairs and upgrades for many years and still not having the house we wanted, We elected to tear down our house and build exactly what we wanted. The plans were designed and them came the task of selecting a Construction Company. We interviewed three companies - all with numerous success stories and photos. They all seemed competent and had a list of referrals. However, one stood up as giving us the sense that we were not just another customer, and that was Brad Gardner from Brad Gardner Construction. Brad showed a sincere interest in helping us with this major endeavor as opposed to just putting up the building to specs. Our instincts proved correct as Brad made many suggestions that were all right on target. My wife and I Struggled with decisions on tile, granite, custom molding, cabinetry, mantles, pool designs, etc. We looked to Brad to guide us in the right direction, I can Honestly say that we do not regret moving forward with any of the recommendations that he made, many of which we never would have thought of. He took pride in every step of the way and his patience was endless and he found himself providing expert decisions, recommendations and an occasional refereeing!! In the end, we could not be happier as to the quality of the workmanship that his subcontractors provided. They were friendly, patient and professional at all times. We have been in our new home for 4 Years now and although Brad told us to call him any time regarding problems we have yet to make a call.



Jim and Barbara Hebda

Playa Del Rey, CA

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