Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects

We build, renovate, restore and expand commercial buildings of all market and office types. We have a long list of projects that we have completed in the past years.

Here a list of theme restaurant projects we have completed in the past years.


Merlin Mcfly's | Santa Monica, CA
P.I Mcfly's | Sherman Oaks, CA
Maestros Mcfly's | Century City, CA
Domino's Mcfly's | Newport Beach, CA
Merlin Mcfly's | San Francisco. CA
Carlos & Charlies | Hollywood, CA
Dominicks's | West Hollywood, CA



Here a list of some projects we completed on Main St. Santa Monica, CA.

Merlin Mcfly's,

Pauloria Building

Max Studios and more....


This is a partial list of projects in wich Brad Gardner Construction has completed working in the capacity of a General Contractor or a Sub Contractor.

Eddie Bauer
Antique Guild
Haagen Dazs
Laura Ashley
Weistfields Jewerles
Jelly Beans & Fiddlesticks
Charles Hourdan
Lynn's Cards
Commands performance
Le Sports Sac
Aida Grey
Rizzoli Book Store
Cricket L.T.D.
Polo Store
Innes Shoes
Scandia Down Shop
St. Laurent Rive Gauche
Chocolates Shop
Video Concepts
J&M Cristmas
Howard & Phills
Regis Corp.
Parklane Hoisery
Grafton St.
Christian Bernard
Surf Sport
and much more......


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