Room New Addition

This is a partial list of clients that Brad Gardner Construction has worked on through the years as a General Contractor. Most of the homes listed were major restorations, demolition of the old house, leaving one wall or a fireplace standing. These homes were 3,000 Square feet to 10,000 Plus Square feet. Construction costs were $500,000.00 to $2,000,000.00 Plus.


Gale Gordon, Hollywood, CA
Alice Cooper, Beverly Hills, CA
Vicki Carr, Coldwater Canyon, CA
Tony & Sandi Bennett, Beverly Hills, CA
Roseanne & Tom Arnold, Brentwood, CA
Victoria McMahom, Beverly Hills, CA
Gary & Barbara Marshall, Toluka Lake, CA
Sam & Mildred Block, Beverly Hills, CA
Jack & Shar Marsh, Coldwater Canyon, CA
Robert & Elissa Bregman, Beverly Hills, CA
Emil & Heather Martini, Beverly Hills, CA
Emil & Heather Martini, Reno Nevada, CA
Emil & Heather Martini, Anaheim Hills, CA
Mark Strom, Pacific Palisades, CA
David DeDewind, Brentwood, CA
David & Mary Chelimsky, Palos Verdes, CA
Joshua & Tamar Hoffs, Westwood, CA
Paul Cole, Stone Canyon, CA
Paul & Jenifer Cole, Bel Air, CA
Paul & Jenifer Cole, Century City, CA
Daryl & Susan Hosta, Santa Monica, CA
Graham Allen, Westchester, CA
Graham Allen, Playa del Rey, CA
Bill & Debra Kanatsky, Westchester, CA
Jim & Barbara Hebda, Playa del Rey, CA
Paul & Patty Paiz, Rancho Park, CA
John & Rosemary Mahoney, Westcheter, CA
Ellen & Danny Tawil, Westchester, CA
and more...



Brad Gardner is the contractor you should hire because he cares about his homeowners. I hired him to add an addition onto our house and at every step of the way he kept me in the loop and made sure my job ran smoothly. You hear horror stories all the time about flakey contractors who stop showing up to your job or hire sub-par-sub-contractors. Brad was there everyday and he hired people who showed up everyday and did outstanding work for me. I couldn't be happier. Building onto your house is stressful enough. Just hire Brad and have one less thing to worry about.


Brian and Laura Koester

Westchester, CA



Dear Brad;


Thank you for the great job you did. We are very happy with the work and the "NEW" appearance of our house. Our New Addition blends in so nice with the rest of the house. You and your crew did a great job and we have no problem recommending you to our friends and neighbors.


Betsy and Pat Acuna

Westchester, CA


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