Having known Brad Gardner for over 35 Years....I was very happy when he decided to start...Brad Gardner Construction...Brad's first job he did for me as remodeling of an old house that I bought for an investment up in Stone Canyon...Brad was working full time for Paramount Studios, Building sets and special effects, and also for me, after work and on weekends... he turned our old house into a Doll house! He was very creative and what a Craftsman! Then I asked Brad...if he would help me design a Dress Shop in Beverly Hills...soIi could sell my garments that I was manufacturing...it turn out to be a very big success and I bought a house in Bel Air to fix and sell...Brad put together some of the best carpenters and sub contractors that I have ever seen and worked with! As the project commenced I noticed the high degree of professionalism that Brad put together on his team... The Workmanship was excellent! I believe that his superb communication with the client is one of Brad's Great Strength's. That was the beginning of Brad Gardner Construction in 1975...To this day...Brad is still doing projects for my wife and I...We enjoyed working with Brad and would be very Proud to recommend Brad Gardner Construction with out reservation!


Paul and Jennifer Cole

Century City, California


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Brad Gardner Construction | General Contractor

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