This is a partial list of clients that Brad Gardner Construction has worked on through the years as a General Contractor. Most of the homes listed were major restorations, demolition of the old house, leaving one wall or a fireplace standing. These homes were 3,000 Square feet to 10,000 Plus Square feet. Construction costs were $500,000.00 to $2,000,000.00 Plus.


Gale Gordon, Hollywood, CA
Alice Cooper, Beverly Hills, CA
Vicki Carr, Coldwater Canyon, CA
Tony & Sandi Bennett, Beverly Hills, CA
Roseanne & Tom Arnold, Brentwood, CA
Victoria McMahom, Beverly Hills, CA
Gary & Barbara Marshall, Toluka Lake, CA
Sam & Mildred Block, Beverly Hills, CA
Jack & Shar Marsh, Coldwater Canyon, CA
Robert & Elissa Bregman, Beverly Hills, CA
Emil & Heather Martini, Beverly Hills, CA
Emil & Heather Martini, Reno Nevada, CA
Emil & Heather Martini, Anaheim Hills, CA
Mark Strom, Pacific Palisades, CA
David DeDewind, Brentwood, CA
David & Mary Chelimsky, Palos Verdes, CA
Joshua & Tamar Hoffs, Westwood, CA
Paul Cole, Stone Canyon, CA
Paul & Jenifer Cole, Bel Air, CA
Paul & Jenifer Cole, Century City, CA
Daryl & Susan Hosta, Santa Monica, CA
Graham Allen, Westchester, CA
Graham Allen, Playa del Rey, CA
Bill & Debra Kanatsky, Westchester, CA
Jim & Barbara Hebda, Playa del Rey, CA
Paul & Patty Paiz, Rancho Park, CA
John & Rosemary Mahoney, Westcheter, CA
Ellen & Danny Tawil, Westchester, CA
and more...


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